A father and two sons from Belgrade, Serbia decided they wanted to achieve something great together, when they set a record for the world’s tallest GEOMAG tower.

The tower in question, built entirely with GEOMAG construction sets, was 3.46 m (11.35 ft) tall, and it took them approximately 3 hours to build on a national TV show.

GEOMAG is a magnetic construction toy for kids and adults alike, consisting of bars with a magnet on each end and metal spheres. Magnetic forces hold the bars and spheres together, creating the possibility for many constructions.

tallest geomag tower father and sons building tower beginning of attempt

Dragan Pejovski and his two sons, 13-year-old Ilija and eight-year-old Luka, were over the moon with their achievement: “It meant a lot to them,” Dragan told us.

“We play a lot together but we wanted to be first and best in some field. We are looking forward to proudly put the certificate of the record on our wall." - Dragan Pejovski

In fact, Luka’s entire class was watching the attempt with their teacher and, once they receive the official record certificate, it will be displayed in the school for a while.

Dragan’s main goal through this record attempt was to “show them that you can do a lot when you have good goals and are ready to work toward them.”

Having done it a few times before, the trio didn’t face any particular challenges during the attempt and everything ran smoothly.

tallest geomag tower father and sons building tower halfway

However, there was a funny moment at the very end of the TV programme when the host was dancing at the show’s closing song and caused the tower to fall.

“We were all surprised – everyone on the set started laughing immediately,” Dragan commented.

Thankfully, the tower had already been measured a few minutes earlier, so there weren’t any issues with the adjudication of the record.

Dragan is very fond of his boys: “They are great and give shine to my life. 

“They have positive, friendly, nice personalities. Ilija is into basketball and Luka is into football. Ilija was the youngest starter at an official go karting race in Serbian championship at four years of age.

“My goal for them is to be healthy, well balanced with the ability to think critically.”

“They are not pushed to be the best in the school, it is ok to have good and bad marks but the expectation is to respect everybody and be a good and thinking person.” - Dragan Pejovski

Regarding their relationship, he said: “It is totally friendly, regardless the age and other differences. We can say anything to each other and feel free and secure in our relationship.

“We play table tennis, go to the swimming pool, basketball, and go karting together. We do pranks to each other occasionally, and generally have a lot of fun together.”

tallest geomag tower father and sons building tower almost finished

Attempting this record was Dragan’s idea, one to which the kids responded with great enthusiasm. Even though it was their second time taking on a challenge like that on television, it was their first time attempting a Guinness World Records record title.

The proud father admitted that the three of them have some plans for breaking more records together in the future, although he wouldn’t reveal any details.

With Father's Day coming up on 18 June, we asked him if he had any advice for other parents: “My advice would be, spend a lot of good and quality time with your kids. And love each other a lot.”

“Respect [your kids] like they are adults, give them opportunities to have an opinion and acknowledge them and remember that you have limited time with them in this life.” - Dragan Pejovski

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tallest geomag tower finished attempt

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