Business solutions FAQs

Welcome to the FAQ page for our Consultancy Services customers. Here you will find answers to some of the regularly asked questions about our fee-based, account-managed service for anyone wishing to break a record for promotional or commercial purposes.

Consultancy Services

Who needs to pay for a record attempt?

While we strive to keep record breaking free to as many individual applicants as possible, there are a few instances where you may need to make a payment, including: 

  • If you require a Priority Application or Priority Evidence Review - you can find out more about this in the Priority Application/Evidence review section of the FAQs
  • If you are a brand, agency, business or group, then your application will be redirected to our Consultancy division which is a fee-based service. Find out more about Consultancy services.
  • If you are attempting a mass participation record – due to the complex nature of this type of record, all mass participation records are handled by our Consultancy division.

Why do I have to pay?

Our Standard (free) Application route is only available to individuals or small groups whose primary purpose for attempting a record is personal achievement. 

Organizations or individuals seeking to attempt a record for commercial purposes (e.g. to promote a business, to gain fans/supporters, to fundraise etc.) are required to enter a paid-for agreement managed by our Consultancy Services Division. This is so we can help you find the right record title, verify your record attempt, and give you the opportunity to license the use of our official logos to promote your initiative.

Record breaking and applications

What is a realistic timeframe to put together a record attempt?

It varies, depending on what type of record you are attempting, but all records have specific requirements for proper execution, so please consult with our team before planning any logistics. Your account manager will be able to advise on the likely timeframe.

Where can I see the record guidelines?

The record guidelines will be sent to you once you have signed your contract. Your Account Manager will be able to advise you of the key guidelines prior to this, once you have decided which record to attempt.

Will you help us organize our event?

We offer a range of services to support you before, during and after your event. However, as the organizer of the record attempt, it is up to you to prepare thoroughly for your attempt, thereby maximizing your chances of success.

If we are successful, will you feature our record on your social media platforms?

All the content on our social media channels is chosen by our Digital Content team who are always on the hunt for exciting stories. Our audience loves great photos and action-packed videos, so you may want to bear this mind when you’re documenting your record attempt. 

We do offer guaranteed Sponsored Content as a paid-for service, provided that your record attempt is successful and suitable assets are provided (all subject to approval from our content team). Your account manager will be able to guide on this service.

Use of Guinness World Records’ name

Can I use Guinness World Records’ name to promote my achievement?

If you wish to use our trademarked name and logos you will need to purchase a licence. 

The Official Record Attempt logo is ideal for raising awareness and excitement ahead of your event. If your record attempt is successful, you also have the option to purchase a license to use our Record Holder logo. All assets and content featuring our logos and trademarks must be approved by Guinness World Records prior to use. Find out more about licensing.

Why do you charge a licensing fee for using the “Guinness World Records” name?

The Guinness World Records name is a unique seal of approval that is respected and recognized around the world. The use of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS name and logos immediately establishes a record-breaking achievement as authentic, global and officially best in class. In order to maintain and protect the distinctiveness and value that the Guinness World Records brand name incapsulates – and can bring to your campaign - we charge a licensing fee to use our name and logos.

Can I use the Record Holder logo indefinitely ?

You cannot use the Record Holder logo indefinitely. Your contract will define how long you can use the logo for, and on which platforms. Your Account Manager will be able to talk you through the options available.

Adjudicator information

Can we request a specific adjudicator for an event?

We cannot guarantee the availability of specific adjudicators. All our adjudicators are trained to the same high standard to ensure that your record attempt is an unforgettable occasion. Specific language requirements will always be taken into consideration.