Hot Wheels has been a staple of childhoods ever since its first toy car sped into children's lives 50 years ago.

While kids the world over have been building their own iconic orange tracks since 1968, it's the brand's owner, Mattel Inc., which has entered the record books by building the Longest Hot Wheels track.

The track stretched a huge 560.30 m (1,838 ft 3.05 in) in length – making it longer than the height of New York's Empire State Building!

image of crowd and the track

Mattel Inc. Russia's Hot Wheels brand team was behind the attempt on 25 August 2018 at Zaryadye Park in Moscow.

On the day families gathered to watch the toy car speed around the Moscow park, as well as local TV channels which came to cover the event.

straight length of the track

The track consisted of 1,112 regular straight track pieces, 50 boosters and four sharp, nail-biting turns with more than 100 people helping to build it between midnight and 9am.

To count as a valid attempt at least one car had to complete the track without flipping off or completely stopping and, despite some close calls, one managed to successfully complete its journey without leaving the track or receiving putside help.

one corner of the track

Before the attempt took place, the track was measured by a qualified surveyor in the presence of adjudicator Seyda Subasi Gemici.

Afterwards, adjudicator Seyda awarded Mattel Inc. its official Guinness World Records title certificate at the finish line.

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