Intel Break Record For Most UAV's Airborne Simultaneously For Product Launch.

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Why use record-breaking for product launch strategies?

We are the ultimate global authority on record-breaking. And, with that comes high profile recognition across the globe.

Raising a profile and increasing brand awareness is essential for any business or organisation to succeed. That’s why we work with all business types, from start-ups to mega brands to create one-of-a-kind product launch ideas and brand recognition campaigns.

Not only do record-breaking campaigns leave a lasting impression, they have the power to instantly gain global recognition and attract media attention.

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Working with Guinness World Records allowed us to tell a unique story to a broad audience on a large scale that we otherwise could not have achieved, and generated genuine interest in and conversation around our brand and product. 

— Ben Blakesley, Director of Global Social Media at Reebok

The F-PACE is a family car that is fast, fun and full of charisma, so completing the Guinness World Records title for the Largest loop the loop in a car was the perfect reveal moment. The F-PACE is packed full of innovative technology and features the world’s most-advanced in-car entertainment system, matched with super-fast WiFi connectivity. 

— Fiona Pargeter, Global PR Communications director at Jaguar Land Rover

By attempting the Guinness World Records title for the Fastest Time to Complete the Triple Crown On Forza Motorsport 5, fans of Xbox One were able to pit their skills against each other. Thanks to Guinness World Records for bringing an unforgettable night of gaming to all Xbox fans. 

— Xie Enwei, Xbox General Manager at Microsoft China