split image of most hot wheels track loop the loops full track and car looping

Brothers Rohan and Rahul Dayal (both India) have broken the record for most loop-the-loops in a Hot Wheels track.

The siblings achieved the record in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on 7 April 2021.

It took Rohan and his younger brother Rahul three days to assemble the entire looping track and build the adjustable-angle wooden platform that it sat on top of. 

The plywood used for the platform was upcycled from scrap.

track for loop the loop being fixed

The project cost approximately INR 3500 (£35). The cost was reduced as the brothers already had collections of Hot Wheels cars and track and only had to purchase the remaining missing track pieces. 

"Testing was initially with few loops and as we increased the loops and the length of the track, the project became challenging," Rohan said.  

"Since the track became long it needed to be supported on a firmer wooden platform. The longer the platform, the greater was the weight and bending in the center."

hot wheels track with the most loop the loops at the start of the record attempt

While testing the brothers found that the journey of the car through the loops depended on the angle of the platform. 

To facilitate variable angles they had to construct an adjustable wooden leg support. By adjusting the leg support during testing they arrived at the best angle which gave them the breakthrough they needed to achieve the record.

The increasing steepness of the platform greatly increased the car's velocity. This led to the car often losing balance and falling off the track, which made completing the track a rare occurrence. However, they only needed it to work once to achieve the record!

group shot with the hot wheels track

Despite all these difficulties, the pair think that in the future they could add another loop of two to the track and improve upon their record. 

"As a child, I liked playing with toy cars. I would make my wooden toy car and make it slide on sloping surfaces," Rohan said.

"During this time I was gifted with Hot Wheels cars and tracks which came with super smooth cars and steep sloping tracks. Soon I had a good collection of it.

Close up of car on the track 

"Recently I came to know about the Guinness World Record of 8 loops and decided that I can better the record."

Rohan describes being a Guinness World Records title holder as the "best thing I've ever got" and a "proud moment for both me and my family".

He hopes that he and his brother's record will serve as "an inspiration to do better and create greater records".