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In a dazzling display of athletic skill and community engagement, the Saudi Games 2023 has just upped the ante. 

This annual extravaganza, already known as the Kingdom's largest national sporting event, has welcomed an electrifying new addition: Guinness World Records' latest entertainment platform, GWR Active.

Located strategically in the heart of the event's Fan Zone, GWR Active offered an unprecedented opportunity for attendees, where visitors could attempt to etch their names into the annals of Guinness World Records. This initiative isn't just a side show; it's a central highlight, inviting participants to not just witness, but actively partake in creating history.

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GWR Active: A new arena for aspiring record breakers

Running every Thursday to Saturday, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. until 9 December 2023, GWR Active was not just about the spectacle, it was about inclusivity and accessibility. As participants engaged in various challenges, their performances were meticulously recorded on a leader board. This was not merely a static display, but a dynamic, evolving tableau of ambition and achievement.

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With five scheduled ‘Champions Arena’ shows, GWR Active raised the stakes. The participant leading each challenge at the start of these shows was invited for an Official Attempt to establish a new Guinness World Records title. 

Aspiring record breakers, eager to put their skills to the test, became a testament to perseverance, paving their way to register their names in history.

Certificate presentation in GWR Active arena during Saudi Games

A spectrum of challenges

The heart of GWR Active lay in its six activity areas, each offering a chance to break a world record:

  • Most lateral side-to-side jumps in 30 seconds
  • Most lateral bench hop overs in 30 seconds
  • Most aerobic step-ups in 30 seconds
  • Most backward lunges in 30 seconds
  • Most backward lunges in 60 seconds
  • Most star jumps in 30 seconds
  • Most front-to-back hand claps in 30 seconds

Each activity was not just a challenge, but a narrative of human potential and a celebration of the extraordinary.

Wide angle shot of GWR Active arena at sunset in Saudi Arabia

During the Saudi Games 2023, the GWR Active events saw a series of impressive records being set. Yara Ali Hakami and Fahad Faisal Alwuhaymir both achieved an initial record of 65 lateral side-to-side jumps, but was first surpassed by Mohammad Saied Albarazi with 67 jumps. In a remarkable turn, Pavlos Gkotis from Greece further elevated the benchmark to 70 jumps, breaking the record set just a day before.

The record-breaking spree continued with Ghala Rasheed Alharbi, a 23-year-old female, who equaled Pavlos's record of 70 side-to-side jumps.

The tale does not stop there as Mohammad Albarazi came back the following weekend with one goal in mind, which is to set the record one more time so he equalled the record set by Pavlos Gkotis and Ghala Rasheed by achieving 70 jumps.

Adding to this, 10-year-old Hassan Zuhair Alzaid broke the record for backward lunges with 39, and five-year-old Youssef Ibrahim Said achieved 48 lunges, each surpassing previous records after a series of unsuccessful attempts.

A young man holding his world record certificate mid-stage at night

Anas Mabarak Alkhurais took the crown for most backward lunges in 60 seconds with 50. The nature of record breaking is challenging, as yet again the record was broken later that night by his brother, Basil Mabarak Alkhurais with a whopping 69 lunges. The achievement was equalled the following day with 69 set by Layan Almutairi.

Basil Eyad Burikha achieved 60 lateral bench hop overs, equalling a record set earlier in the year in India.

To round-up, Layan Almutaire also achieved the record for most star jumps in 30 seconds with 40. But was later topped at the final official attempt during the Saudi Games 2023, as Eyad Mudathir managed to add two more star jumps reaching a total of 42.

The Saudi Games 2023, with the introduction of GWR Active, has transcended the traditional boundaries of a sporting event. It is now a vibrant arena where records are not just displayed but dynamically pursued and achieved. In this electrifying environment, every participant is a potential record-breaker, every moment a potential history-making event. 

The Saudi Games, in essence, have become not just a showcase of athletic excellence, but a crucible for the extraordinary, a place where dreams leap into reality.

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