A balloon dragon so gigantic it was record-breaking was unveiled in Hong Kong to kick off the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The creation went on display in a shopping mall in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on 24 January, breaking the Guinness World Records title for the largest balloon sculpture of a dragon.

The dragon was so big it took 30 minutes to measure it, with the final results beig a total length of 41.77 m (137.04 ft) - that's longer than two bowling alleys put together.

The colossal dragon, crafted from approximately 38,000 biodegradable rubber balloons, was created by balloon masters Sze Tai Pang AKA "Wilson" and Kun Lung Ho (both China), and was a collaborative effort involving 60 individuals, including organizers, university students, and secondary school students.


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The significance of creating this record in the Chinese New Year of Dragon holds cultural importance for Wilson. The dragon, representing Eastern culture, is believed to bring good luck and blessings. Wilson sees it as a way to bring positive news to the society.

Wilson, a world balloon champion in 2016 and 2018, shared the biggest challenge of creating the dragon was that the sculpture was entirely built from balloons, with no other materials allowed as a supporting frame.


As a passionate balloon artist, Wilson believes in the joy that balloons can bring, especially to children, and his mission is to share joy through his art.

Collaborating with college and middle school students, he witnessed their enthusiasm and energy, making him feel rejuvenated. The process was not just about breaking a record; it was about creating interesting stories and fostering a sense of excitement and achievement.


Reflecting on the experience, Wilson expressed his satisfaction and gratitude, saying: "Excitement, the feeling of a dream coming true, feeling that one of the goals in life has been achieved, very satisfied and grateful."

Beyond the record-breaking achievement, Wilson hopes that this endeavor will showcase that balloon art is not merely about creating simple shapes but is a form of artistic expression. Looking to the future, he aspires to create more works and aims to inspire young people to believe in their dreams, stay motivated, and pursue their passions without giving up.


The dragon, later transformed into a "Flying Dragon", was suspended from the plaza's ceiling, becoming a captivating attraction for onlookers. 

Many flocked to the plaza to take pictures and share in the excitement. 

The awe-inspiring display is set to grace the plaza until the end of February.

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