A mesmerising marble run has set a new world record after Guinness World Records witnessed a ball travel an incredible 1,918.12 m (6,293.04 ft) across the small town of Elgg in Switzerland.
The Longest marble run attempt was organised by by artisan and trade association Handwerker and Gewerbeverein Elgg to celebrate its 125th anniversary and attract lots of visitors to the local exhibition event.
Built out of a variety of wood, metal and plastic, the mega marble run started at the church tower, the highest point in the area, and weaved a journey all the way down to the business park.
In order to prove that the run worked, once the marble was released at the top of the run, it had to roll all the way to the end without any propulsion or help.
Longest marble run adjudicator 
Guinness World Records adjudicator Seyda Subasi Gemici officiated the challenge, watching some of the attempt from a forklift so she could get a view of the whole run.
Also on hand was a qualified surveyor who followed the marble’s entire route on foot.
Once the attempt was over, Seyda announced that Handwerker and Gewerbeverein Elgg successfully overtook the previous record by over 630 metres and that the town had become Officially Amazing.