split image of nick stoeberl moving jenga blocks with his tongue and licking an ice cream from bottom to top

Nick Stoeberl has just lapped up another record!

The Salinas, California, USA, resident, who already held the record for longest tongue (male), has added another title to his collection after breaking the record for fastest time to remove five Jenga blocks with the tongue

He smashed the challenge in 55.526 seconds!

Nick's tongue is quite a trademark.

From its tip to the middle of the closed top lip, Nick’s tongue measures a whopping 10.1 cm (3.97 in).

“The average tongue length is just over three inches; 7.9 cm (3.11 in) for women and 8.5 cm (3.34 in) for men. Mine is 10.1 cm (3.97 in),” said Nick. 

“When I first broke the record, I wanted to use my tongue for something, and I saw a video of a man in India painting with his tongue.” 

Feeling inspired, Nick decided to use his tongue to create some tasteful art before attempting to smash his latest record.


“I’ve got a great subject for you to paint—a classic image that I think will look beautiful hanging in this office,” said Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday.

“It’s me. Paint me like you paint your French girls.” 

And so, Nick pulled a sheet of plastic over the tip of his tongue and got straight to work. 

“This is protection,” he said. 

“Always protection first.” 

Nick says as an artist, he’s been inspired by Andy Warhol and his Campbell soup can, even using it as encouragement to create his very own masterpieces.

He also admits that having a long tongue isn’t just practical, but a great icebreaker as well. 


“You can bet someone that you have the longest tongue in the world, and they’ll say ‘no’,” said Nick. 

“Then you shake their hand and go ‘Okay, I got it,’ so now they’ll buy you lunch or something like that.”

Although Nick says having a long tongue doesn’t necessarily help his sense of taste, it is useful when it comes to cleaning himself up after eating. 

“If I get my face dirty while I’m eating, I can just lick the food off right there,” said Nick. 

“It’s eco-friendly, no napkins needed.” 


Although one of Nick’s most impressive talents is painting with his tongue, he says he is absolutely honoured to use his unique anatomy for more than just artwork.

“I’m excited to be here in the office to see what I can do with my tongue,” he said. 

To show the world how versatile his tongue really is, Nick attempted to break the record for the most tongue to nose touches in one minute

The record to beat was 281 but Nick unfortunately fell short by 35, clocking in with a total of 246 very tiring tongue to nose touches. 

To reclaim his glory, he next attempted the record for the fastest time to remove five Jenga blocks with the tongue.

The record to beat was one minute, and Nick (and his tongue) completed the feat in 55.526 seconds. 


Nick is proud of his Guinness World Records titles and says his life has changed since first earning the record title for the longest tongue (male).

“I’ve been able to go to different countries and see all different kinds of cultures and hang out with good people and have good food,” said Nick.

“It’s very fun and I looked at the books as a kid and so to be in them is just an honour — it’s huge.”

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