split image of badlandschugs drinking mountain dew and cheering post attempt

YouTube personality Eric 'Badlands' Booker of Long Island, New York, USA, has set two incredible new records for the fastest time to drink one litre of soda and the fastest time to drink one litre of tomato sauce.

In just 6.80 seconds, Badlands guzzled down the litre (33.814 oz) of Mountain Dew from a measuring cup. 

With an air of confidence and a big smile on his face, the speed drinker jokingly swirled his cup of soda as if it were a glass of wine. 

"I feel great," he said as he continued filling his measuring cup with the fizzy beverage. 

"Alright, we’re about to do this. Hopefully I get this down in under nine seconds, but you never know," he said. 

"Enough talk, folks. Let’s get this number one done."


The crowd counted down and in just a few gulps, the drink was gone.

Badlands finished up his attempt with a belch that could almost compete for the loudest burp

During the same competitive eating challenge, he also downed a litre of tomato sauce. 

Onlookers cheered on as he cracked open a few cans of Kirkland organic tomato sauce and once again poured them into his measuring cup.

"Oh, that’s real thick", Badlands said as he prepared to consume the acidic beverage.

"This is harder than it looks but with your help I think we can break this Guinness World Records title."

In just 1 minute and 18 seconds, Badlands threw back a quarter of a gallon of tomato sauce - a challenge that sounds like a true gastroenterological nightmare!

The competitive drinker’s newfound record titles mark two more to add to his list. 

As if his current record weren’t already impressive enough, on 19 May 2021 Badlands also achieved a record title for the fastest time to drink two litres of soda in just 18.45 seconds. 

That’s equivalent to half a gallon of cola!


Whether he's chugging sugar-free cola or Gatorade as quickly as he can, there isn’t a challenge that has proved to be too much of a mouthful for Badlands.

BadlandsChugs is also a competitive eater and is ranked 23rd in the Major League Eating’s rankings. 

When he’s not rapping, Badlands documents super-sized guzzling challenges on his YouTube channel, BadlandsChugs

As the name suggests, the channel is built around his unique talent for swallowing beverages as fast as humanly possible. 

Without any plans of slowing down, we’re excited to see which record attempts Badlands has brewing. 

Other impressive competitive drinking record holders include: 

  • Fastest time to drink a capri sun - 11.86 seconds and was achieved by Fayis Nazer (India), in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 29 January 2022.
  • Fastest time to drink a bottle of ketchup – The fastest time to drink a 500-g (17.6-oz) bottle of ketchup is 25.37 seconds and was achieved by Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya (India), in Mumbai, India, on 7 September 2017.
  • Fastest time to drink a cup of coffee - 3.17 seconds and was achieved by Andre Ortolf (Germany), in Augsburg, Germany, on 27 December 2021.