The GWR Official Adjudicator

Instantly recognizable all over the world, the Official Adjudicator is the ultimate personification of the Guinness World Records brand. 

From the anticipation of your attempt being officially assessed, to that amazing moment of celebration when the record is achieved, the adjudicator adds prestige and authenticity to your event, enhances the emotional connection with your audience and provides attention-grabbing photo opportunities. 

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The GWR Official Adjudicator

Based in 15 countries and speaking 18 languages, our 69 adjudicators are accomplished public speakers and are fully media-trained. They also create a highly effective focal point for photo opportunities and audience engagement.

If your event is taking place online or needs to reach multiple audiences in more than one location, our remote adjudicator services and video announcements are ideal for creating an air of prestige and positioning your online event as an authentic Guinness World Records attempt.

As well as verifying and announcing the record results, the adjudicator performs many other important roles including:

  • Explaining the record guidelines and answering any questions ahead of the event
  • Checking all measurements and any equipment required for the attempt
  • Briefing stewards and carrying out spot checks (mass participation events only)
  • Assessing and verifying the record attempt on the day
  • Engaging the audience
  • Participating in media interviews

Achieving a Guinness World Records title has helped LG Electronics creatively demonstrate the reduced vibrations offered by the Centum System Washing Machine and clearly prove the product’s differentiated and advanced technology. 

— Huiwon Kwon, Manager of HA Marketing Communication Division at LG Electronics

Not only did we set a Guinness World Records title for the Largest item unboxed, we set the record for the most-watched film from Volvo Trucks North America. 

— Magnus Koeck, VP of Marketing and Brand Management at Volvo Trucks North America

Breaking the Guinness World Records title for the Most people holding the abdominal plank position has been an icing in the cake by giving women a feeling of community achievement. We hope this inspires women to always believe in themselves, work on their core strength and to live the philosophy of our Do You campaign. 

— Abhishek Ganguly, Managing Director at Puma India


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