Oldest person to visit both Poles
Buzz Aldrin
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The oldest person to visit the North and South Poles is NASA moonwalker Dr Buzz Aldrin (USA, b. 20 January 1930), who reached the South Pole as part of a tourist group flown in by travel firm White Desert on 29 November 2016 aged 86 years 314 days. Aldrin had previously visited the North Pole as a tourist on the Russian nuclear icebreaker Sovetskiy Soyuz in July 1998.

In his book Magnificent Desolation - which mostly covers his experience as a crew member of Apollo 11 and his time walking on the Moon - Aldrin describes his experience at the North Pole. "When we had gone as far as we could aboard the icebreaker, two helicopters flew the passengers over to where we were served a meal on the ice. We set up a baseball diamond and played a game of softball at the North Pole, and a group of younger passengers even took an extremely brief swim."Aldrin is also the oldest man to visit the South Pole.