Oldest competitive tennis player living (male)
Leonid Stanislavskyi
96:210 year(s):day(s)
Ukraine (Kharkiv)

The oldest competitive tennis player living (male) is Leonid Stanislavskyi (Ukraine, b. 22 March 1924) who is 96 years and 210 days old, as verified in Kharkiv, Ukraine on 18 October 2020.

Leonid had the idea to apply for this record after struggling to find a competitor matching his age group for tennis competitions during a few consecutive years, and it was suggested to him that he might be the oldest active tennis player in the whole world.

He said that achieving a Guinness World Record title is for him a great sign of recognition that he has not wasted any single day of his life, that he is fully enjoying it, and this will help him to get to the Glory Board of the Ukrainian Tennis Federation and ITF that will further promote the development of the tennis sport in the world.