Largest collection of Lupin the Third memorabilia
Dario Calabria
5,148 total number
Italy ()

The largest collection of Lupin the Third memorabilia consists of 5,148 and was achieved by Dario Calabria (Italy), in Savona, Italy, as verified on 5 May 2021.

Dario began his collection in 1999 when he got the mini action figure collection with green jacket from banpresto.

"I have always collected since the age of 14, but when I found the Lupin III figure in a comic shop, it was love at first sight for me."

Lupin III has always been his favourite anime series and his collection was first recognised by Guinness World Records in 2015. Since then his collection has more than doubled. It's not just his collection that has grown, his love for the show has too.

"After the first Guinness I took a trip to Japan to the Lupin Festival and there I got to know the TMS, the producers and the voice actors of the anime series."

He is also working towards producing an official product based on the series.

While his Popy Lupin Doll in Red Jacket may be his favourite there are still items that have evaded him. If anyone happens to find the children's mask with elastic from 1978 then let him know...