Vet statement template

For animal-based record attempts, qualified veterinarians must check that the animal is healthy and old enough to participate. The attending veterinarian must fill out this form in full. Examples of how a completed form should look can be found below.

Examples of the Vet statement template

  1. This example is for a partially blind Doberman (with cropped ears, and partial tail amputation) who will be attempting the most skips by a dog in one minute. Some medical events or diagnoses may be relevant to record attempts, so the Vet must detail these fully in the form.
    Example 1
  2. This example is for a horse and rider who will be attempting the highest jump by a horse (side saddle). Some activities require participants to use a lot of specialist equipment, and the vet must check over all of the equipment and tack used, to make sure it is suitable and within the guideline requirements, before an attempt takes place.
    Example 2
  3. This example is for an African Grey parrot and his owner, who will be attempting the most tricks performed by a parrot in one minute. Animals must be responsibly sourced/bred and have clear breeding documents/microchip numbers, to assist with identification. Vets must check all relevant documentation, and clearly state the binomial name of a species when assessing more 'exotic' pets.
    Example 3