Dive into an ocean of amazing records with the brand new Guinness World Records 2024. 

Take a look at the latest snapshot of the year, and discover a universe of talent, curiosities and jaw-dropping facts about the sea, the oceans and so much more.


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Discover Guinness World Records 2024, the fully revised and updated yearly edition of the classic mega best-seller.

This year the theme is the Blue Planet, with an emphasis on the natural world, as well as the latest record-breaking successes in music, TV and sports. 

Every year, the book offers an exciting snapshot of a record-breaking world, jam-packed with facts, fun and amazing achievements.

Explore our website to learn more our past editions and our environmental policy, and discover the history of the Guinness World Records book in our Cover Archive. 

Dive into an amazing ocean of records, and discover the secrets of our blue planet: find out how to get your copy of Guinness World Records 2024.

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They are outstanding, inspirational and amazing: our Young Achievers are changing the world and honing their incredible skills.
From football freestyler Chinonso Eche to world's tallest teen Olivier Rioux, visit our Kids Website to meet the super-talented, record-breaking Young Achievers!  

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