The record for the largest feet on a teenager (male) has been broken by German teen Lars Motza, who was 16 years and 59 days old at the time of measurement on 19 November 2018.

His left foot measures 35.05 cm (13.79 in) and his right foot measures 34.98 cm (13.77 in). That makes his feet a whopping size 57 (EUR) - that's a 20 (UK) or 21 (US).


Lars has taken the record from Mathu-Andrew Budge, whose left foot is 32.95 cm (12.97 in) and right foot is 32.85 cm (12.93 in), however the Brit still holds the record for the largest hands on a teenager.

Lars’ father, Frank, always knew Lars was going to have big feet - when he was born, his feet measured a huge 9.5 cm (3.74 in)!


"We as parents also have big feet – I have 50 (EUR) or 14 (UK), and Lars’ mother has 43 (EUR) or 9 (UK), which is why we didn't worry at that time.

"But when Lars outgrew me in shoe size at the age of 11, we as parents got a bit scared. Never had we thought that his feet would reach such proportions."

Having large feet is problematic enough as an adult, but for a 16-year-old it’s even harder.

We caught up with Lars following the verification of his record to find out more about what it’s like to live with size 20 feet at age 16.

What do your friends think of your big feet?

There are hardly any envious people, because whose wish is it to have such big feet voluntarily?

But it just catches the eye and people sometimes laugh or say something stupid. Especially smaller children think it's great if they can put their feet next to mine.

Lars' feet compared to a size 42 (EUR)/ 7 ½ (UK)/ 9 (US)

Is it hard to find shoes that fit you?

You can't just go to the shoe shop in the nearest shopping centre and buy a cheap pair. Unfortunately, I can’t even buy a more expensive pair, because in German shops there are no shoes in my size anymore. Europe-wide I am currently at the upper limit of shoes for sale.

For me there are only custom-made shoes left, which are of course very, very expensive.

It is also difficult to buy suitable clothes, because to top it all off I also have very long hands and arms. But that is another topic and perhaps also a new record attempt…

What would be your dream pair of shoes?

A pair of suitable sneakers or a pair of fancy sneakers would be nice, or even hiking boots for my tours with the scouts. Or simply to have two pairs of shoes to choose from would be an experience of a special kind.


How does it feel to hold this Guinness World Records title?

I am literally always one step ahead and therefore the first in the family and my circle of friends with a Guinness World Records title.

I love to browse the Guinness World Records books. Even though I set my record with my physical dimensions, I am fascinated by technical records and everything about aeroplanes.

Even though I didn't contribute much to the title except to grow, one is proud to be something "special" somehow. Who wouldn't be proud to have a certificate from Guinness World Records hanging in his room?


What message would you give to other young people who have uncommon features?

No matter what others say, stay true to yourself and always think positively.

You can find Lars’ record as well as hundreds of others in Guinness World Records 2020. There are plenty of new facts and features to power your curiosity when it hits the shelves later this year.