split image of Sujoy and Shipra in train and at metro station

Two friends from Gurgaon, India, have broken the record for the fastest time to travel all Delhi Metro stations.

Sujoy Kumar Mitra and Shipra Gupta completed the challenge in 15 hours 21 minutes 4 seconds, beating the previous record by just 1 minute 45 seconds.

In order to achieve the record, they were required to visit 254 stations across 10 colour-coded lines.

Extra stations have been added to Delhi’s metro network since this record was first created, but to keep the competition fair, these stations are not required to be visited.

The train must stop at a station for a visit to count, but challengers do not need to exit the train. 

Sujoy and Shipra began their record attempt at the Huda City Centre station on the Yellow Line and finished at the Raja Nahar Singh station on the Violet Line.

Sujoy and Shipra in a train

Despite being well-acquainted with Delhi’s metro network, Sujoy says that planning the route proved to be a “major task” with countless possible permutations to choose between.

After deciding on their starting station and the order in which they’d tackle each metro line, they used the Delhi Metro website to calculate that it would take 14 hours 59 minutes.

“This delay in planning versus execution made the record attempt really close,” Sujoy and Shipra said.

The duo became aware that they were slightly behind schedule by the nine-hour mark. At this point, they stopped taking food and water breaks, started running between each changeover, and stood next to the carriage doors so they could disembark quickly.

Despite cutting it extremely close, Sujoy and Shipra never once doubted themselves as the clock ticked down.

“As we boarded our last metro train, it was clear that it was going to be a close attempt,” Sujoy and Shipra recall.

“In such close timing, being positive and giving our best was the only way out.”

Sujoy and Shipra at a metro station

Although navigating Delhi’s hectic metro network was tiring, Sujoy and Shipra say their fatigue was overruled by the “passion and excitement” of attempting a world record.

They said: “As travellers, we believe the journey is greater than the destination. We enjoyed the journey more.”

Sujoy and Shipra are both seasoned travellers. Shipra has travelled India extensively and has authored a book about her experience of visiting the country’s seven borders, whilst Sujoy has visited all 193 United Nations member states plus five other countries, and he holds the record for the fastest time to travel to all seven continents (3 days 1 hour 5 minutes).

Sujoy now has plans to break three more travel-related records throughout 2024. 

Achieving a Guinness World Records title is always special. As travellers it encourages us to continue the journey.

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