An electric van rides across a city and a woman hugs a tree

Earth Day celebrations continue with two new Guinness World Records titles successfully achieved by two different organizations who commemorated this day in very special, but very different ways. 

From the rapidly changing technology of electric vehicles to using social media to raise awareness about most pressing issues, these are the stories of two organizations who made history while celebrating Mother Earth.

Greatest distance travelled by an electric van on a single charge

Greatest Distance Travelled by an Electric Van - Earth Day

20 April 2022 was not just another day at work for Stephen Marlin (USA), who, after driving 416.57 km (258.85 miles) from New York City to Washington DC to deliver a package, broke the world record for greatest distance travelled by an electric van on a single charge.

With the support of BrightDrop and FedEx, and driving a BrightDrop Zevo 600, Stephen Marlin’s record title aims to keep pushing the limits of what electric transportation can do.

In this trip that started in New York City, Marlin delivered packages containing goods from Full Circle, a sustainable home goods brand, to MOM’s, an organic market, in Washington DC.

Earth Day Electric Van Driver World Record

Marlin stopped at several iconic destinations along the route including Trenton, New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Baltimore, Maryland.

"Congratulations to Stephen Marlin, BrightDrop and FedEx on achieving the Guinness World Records title for the greatest distance traveled by an electric van on a single charge," said Andy Glass, official Guinness World Records adjudicator. 

"This accomplishment is a perfect example of the extraordinary efforts taken to make a difference for the environment and a fitting way to commemorate Earth Day 2022. We welcome them into the family of Guinness World Records title holders."

Most photos of people hugging trees uploaded to Instagram in one hour

Most photos of people hugging trees uploaded to Instagram in one hour

593 people helped the non-profit organization Sempervirens Fund establish the Guinness World Records title for most photos of people hugging trees uploaded to Instagram in one hour. Participants uploaded pictures of themselves hugging a tree as a way of celebrating Earth Day and sharing their love and care for the planet.

As part of their #HugATreeChallenge, the non-profit organization from California set to break a world record in order to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of trees as well as to raise funds to continue their mission driven work.

On Monday 25 April, after reviewing the evidence, it was confirmed that Sempervirens Fund had successfully surpassed the minimum number of 500 photos uploaded in one hour and became the official record holder.

"Congratulations on achieving the new Guinness World Records title for most people hugging trees uploaded to Instagram in one hour. We are delighted we could be part of this official record event," said official adjudicator Michael Empric.

The outpouring of support during #HugATreeChallenge shows that people both love trees and understand the uncertainty they face as the impacts of climate change continue to produce extreme and dangerous weather and wildfires." - Matthew Shaffer, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Sempervirens Fund

"Sempervirens Fund stands at the ready as we prepare for a potentially catastrophic wildfire season, and we’re so glad that so many of you stand with us," Shaffer continued.

"We are so grateful to our friends and supporters for showing their love for trees on this Earth Day and for helping establish a Guinness World Records title with the #HugATreeChallenge."