Try this on for size... a new record for the largest T-shirt has been set with a garment as big as a rugby pitch!

It's made entirely out of recyled materials and was created by Asociatia 11even, Kaufland Romania and Federatia Romana de Rugby (all Romania) in a bid to encourage more people to recycle.

It measured in at a staggering 108.96 m (357.48 ft) long and 73.48 m (241.08 ft) wide when it was unfurled in Bucharest, Romania on 27 March.

The fabric of the T-shirt was made out of 250,000 recycled plastic bottles, which took over three weeks to collect and a month for seamstresses to sew.

largest t-shirt unfurled on arcul de triumf national rugby stadium

The design is a reinterpreted model of the national flag, a tricolor belt that's also used on the official jersey of the Romanian rugby team.

Asociatia 11even had the idea of breaking this record as part of a recycling campaign, to challenge kids and adults all over Romania, to not only simply recycle, but also be part of a world record.

The NGO is no stranger to record breaking, having previously created the largest human image of a country/continent.

largest t-shirt unfurled onto rugby field

For this new record attempt, Asociatia 11even enlisted the help of local retailer Kaufland Romania, who assisted in collecting more than double the plastic bottles necessary to produce the T-shirt.

The retailer is also where the regular sized T-shirt is commercially available.

On the day of the attempt, held at Arcul de Triumf National Rugby Stadium, more than 120 volunteers from rugby clubs in Bucharest came to help lay the T-shirt out on the field.

It's so big that it took a whole day to completely unfurl it!

 largest t-shirt unfurled by volunteers

Due to the huge size of the T-shirt, there were a few challenges in anchoring the sleeves, although this was solved by a team of engineers and special straps.

The measurements of the T-shirt were undertaken by specialist surveyors. 

With the evidence being verified remotely by Guinness World Records, Adjudicator Joanne Brent presented Asociatia 11even and parties with their official certificate on 22 April.

volunteers unfurl largest t-shirt

This was followed by a press conference attended by more than 2,000 spectators, who were then treated to a concert from well-known Romanian singer, Smiley.

To follow on with their sustainability efforts, Asociata 11even aim to donate 12,000 normal size T-shirts created from the gigantic garment.

“Involvement makes the difference!” Ovidiu Neamtu - President, 11even Association

Congratulations to Asociatia 11even, Kaufland Romania and Federatia Romana de Rugby on their achievement!

asociata 11even kaufland romana federatia romana receive gwr certificate

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