split image of Hilda Baci and adjudicator Mark

In June this year Chef Hilda Baci achieved a world record for the longest cooking marathon with an incredible time of 93 hours 11 minutes.

Yesterday, Hilda was invited to visit GWR HQ in London and met Adjudicator Mark McKinley, who officially announced Hilda's new record earlier this year.

The pair discussed the rules of the cooking marathon record title and reflected on the recent achievements of Chef Alan Fisher, who this month took Hilda’s record for the longest cooking marathon with a time of 119 hours 57 minutes, as well as the record for the longest baking marathon (47 hours 21 minutes).

Hilda and Mark

"He took two records at the same time, that's incredible," said Hilda.

“I have a lot of respect for Alan as I went through and know how difficult it is.”

Looking back on the exhausting marathon attempt, Hilda recalled that she didn't sit down for the entire attempt as she assumed this was required in the guidelines.

Adjudicator Mark encouraged Hilda to look at other records she might like to attempt - but Hilda stated she did not intend to "break any more records any time soon!"

"Ya'll are mean!" joked Hilda, referring to the disqualification of seven hours from her record attempt.

Hilda Baci holding signed plate

Hilda's visit was a great conclusion to the celebrations of Guinness World Records Day, which saw a multitude of records broken around the world.

As a parting gift, Chef Hilda signed a plate which will be added to our cabinet of record-holder memorabilia for visitors to the London office to admire.

Hilda later shared a video post about her visit to her two million fans on Instagram.

Hilda’s record attempt took her native Nigeria by storm and inspired many of her compatriots to try their hand at breaking a record of their own.

Some of our newest Nigerian record breakers include Tonye Solomon, who achieved the most steps climbed on a ladder while balancing a football on the head, and Helen Williams, who created the world’s longest handmade wig.

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