Lets make a deal 1

American television show “Let’s Make a Deal” has created another record breaking “zonk” viewers won’t forget – especially since it now holds a Guinness World Records title.

As the show celebrated the 90s during their Decades Week on Friday, Wayne Brady unveiled a working water gun that measured 12 ft and 7.75 inches to fit the theme of the episode when one of the contestants

The record-breaking gun was confirmed as the world’s largest water pistol by official adjudicator Kim Partrick, who presented hosts with their official record certificate in front of a live studio audience.

In order to achieve the record, the water gun needed to be fully functioning to spray water and beat the previous measurement of 7 ft and 3.4 inches.

The show, which has been on air since 1963, had no issues meeting the requirements - especially since they have broken Guinness World Records titles before.

Lets make a deal 1

Previously in season 8, the classic CBS game show created the world’s largest cereal bowl on a special “foodie” themed episode, with the bowl weighing in at a massive 3,504 pounds (1,589.4 kg).

This water gun is now added to the shows growing collection of title holding zonks, which we hope to see expand in the future.

“It was an honor to present Let’s Make a Deal with their official Guinness World Records certificate for a second time. We love the ambition and exciting incorporation of record breaking into the show.” – Adjudicator Kim Partrick