Online Records

Hosting your record attempt online opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to excite an audience in multiple locations with record-breaking challenges that are easy to access no matter where you are.

Whether you’re looking for an online event to supercharge your marketing & PR campaign, grow your online audience or want a fun, creative way to unite and engage employees across multiple locations, there’s a record format that will help you achieve your objectives.

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Most people watching a live stream

Live Streaming

Create that ‘I was there’ moment by making your live streamed event the biggest in the world. Whatever the occasion, live streaming creates a powerful connection with your audience and is a great way of maximizing engagement.

Suitable platforms: Facebook, YouTube.

Most online pledges in 24 hours

Online Pledges

Give your audience the opportunity to show their support for your CSR initiative by making a pledge, wherever they are in the world. An online pledge record is simple to set up and is a great way to raise awareness of your cause.

Suitable platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Most photos uploaded in one hour

Online Albums

An online album is a collection of either photographs or videos of a particular image or action. While the album must stick to one specific theme, the options are almost limitless.  Let your imagination run wild!

This record format is offered with two timeframe options: Most uploads in an hour or Largest overall album in an unrestricted timeframe.

Suitable platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (images), TikTok (videos).

Most users in a themed virtual hangout

Virtual Hangouts

This record format is awarded to the largest online gathering of people at a specific themed event and is a great way to engage an audience with a shared interest, as you would at a convention or launch event.

Suitable platforms: Bespoke Platforms.

Largest online Rubiks Cube solving lesson

Online Lessons

Take distance learning to record-breaking heights with an online lesson. We offer two distinct versions of this record format: one where people participate together at an agreed time; in the alternative format people can participate in the lesson at a time of their choice within a pre-agreed 24 hour timeframe.

Suitable platforms: Learning platforms e.g. LinkedIn Learning.

Most people in an online video relay

Video Relays

Want to host an online mass participation event where every individual has their moment in the limelight? In an online video relay participants must perform a particular action one by one when they are called on by a moderator.

Suitable platforms: Video conference software e.g. Teams, Zoom.

Most people performing simultaneously online

Group Actions or Performances

This mass participation style record is attempted by video conference and involves everybody on the call performing an action at the same time. It’s a great way to unite people in disparate locations, generating a powerful sense of togetherness.

Suitable platforms: Video conference software e.g. Teams, Zoom. 

Most videos uploaded in one hour

Video Chains

Video chain records are fun – pass it on! In a video chain, each video must feature an action that starts on one side of the frame and ends on the other, moving in the same direction so that they form a chain when they are edited together​.

Suitable platforms: Video sharing platforms e.g. YouTube, TikTok