Longest fort walls
Kumbhalgarh Fort
22.4 mile(s)
India (Rajasthan)

The longest walls around a fort or castle are the 22.4-mile walls at Kumbhalgarh Fort, a Mewar defensive construction in Rajasthan, western India. Built during the 15th century by Rana Kumbha, this long wall is around 5 m thick and contains seven gateways. Some historical sources report that eight horses could run on top of the wall, side-by-side. The wall divided the competing Mewar and Marwar kingdoms, and the fort within was used by the Mewar rulers of Mewar as a last refuge. The fortress fell into enemy hands just once, and then only because the drinking water had run out. Besides the fortress, the walls also contain many Jainist temples plus 60 Hindu temples, totalling around 360 in number. Visiting tourists are warned to take special care – although the many ancient defence mechanisms and traps have mostly been disabled, some are still assumed to exist in more remote parts of the wall.