Sebastian Suski

Originally from Poland, Sebastian Suski is a keen competitive fruit and vegetable grower, who currently holds the record for the longest cucumber, measuring a staggering 113.4 cm (3 ft 8.64 in) in 2022. He has formerly been the European board member for the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth and from 2023 will be the principal judge at the annual CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship at the Malvern Autumn Show in Worcestershire, UK. You can hear him discussing his other main passion, beekeeping, on his YouTube channel, which regularly features apiarists from all around the world. Now based in the UK with his wife and four children, Sebastian is a very positive person, always willing to help others by sharing his experience and knowledge, whether gardening or beekeeping.

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Longest cucumber

The longest specimen of cucumber (Cucumis sativus) measures 113.4 cm (3 ft 8.64 in) and was grown by Sebastian Suski (Poland/UK) in Southampton, Hampshire, UK, as confirmed by the UK National Vegetable Society on 20 August 2022.