Andrew Baldwin

Dr Andrew Baldwin is Professor in the Department of Environmental Science & Technology at University of Maryland, USA. In addition to teaching courses on wetland ecology and restoration, he conducts research on global change ecology and restoration of wetlands. He is Fellow and Past President of the Society of Wetland Scientists.

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Largest tropical peatland

Covering an area of approximately 145,500 square kilometres (56,180 square miles) – more than double the size of Ireland – the Cuvette Centrale peatlands are the largest of their kind located in the tropics. The peatland complex sits in the Congo Basin, spanning across two countries: the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It's estimated that these swamps contain around 30 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide – or 20 years' worth of current fossil-fuel emissions in the USA – making them one of the most carbon-rich habitats on the planet.