Trailers and behind the scenes

Every year, our journey of discovery begins with a cover reveal, a trailer and some extra content for our digital channels. 

Enjoy an exclusive peek behind the scenes of Guinness World Records: early sketches, trailers and the creative evolution of our covers through the years!

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Our Covers

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Over time, the Guinness World Records covers have changed and adapted to the era, readership and transformations within the company. 

Some things never changes, though: brainstorming, designing and creating the right cover is always a serious business. 

Our cover and its embossed title represent the first look at the yearly edition of the book, and it can either follow a longer creative flow (as is the case of the laminated covers of mid-2010s) or establish a big change of direction for our editorial team. 

That's the case of the 2020 cover, inspired by a newfound love for the 80s and its classics a trend led by worldwide streaming success "Stranger Things". 

Discover five favourite covers of our editor in chief, Craig Glenday.

But the journey of a Guinness World Records book cover doesn't necessarily come to an halt after only one year. 

That's the case of Rod Hunt's trilogy: a colourful universe filled with record holders, in the vivid backdrop of Hunt's world, that unravels in three parts from the 2021 to the 2023 editions.

The best part of it? The three covers connect to create a one larger image.

Enter the Archive and discover over sixty years of Guinness World Records history.

The covers for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions represent a unique and important stage for our editorial team.
Leaving the shiny and laminated covers of the previous editions, these three colorful covers jigsaw together to form an amazing world full of record holders: a universe filled with popping colours and amazing talent.
Wondering how the 2021 book cover (the first one in this trilogy) came about? Follow Rod Hunt's creative process in this video!

"Rod Hunt's illustrations are perfect for Guinness World Records, because they capture the fun and spirit of what we do, and they allow us to celebrate that vast spectrum of record-breaking and all the fascinating characters involved."

- Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief

Every year, an action-packed YouTube video introduces the record holders that will be at the forefront of the yearly edition of the Guinness World Records book. 

It showcases a selection of some of the jaw-dropping talent featured within the book, giving more background on the talented people, adorable animals, marvellous nature and epic architecture that compose the current year's snapshot of the world.

I can't forget my first Guinness World Records book as editor, so the 2006 edition is particularly special for me.

- Craig Glenday