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Efteling theme park is already known for being the largest in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in the world. And now it can a Guinness World Records title to its history and lore.

Two chefs from the park's pancake restaurant, Polles Keuken, recently worked together to break the record for the tallest stack of pancakes. Chefs John Pijnappels and Humphrey den Otter assembled a stack 91.2 cm (35.91 in) tall, breaking the previous record by 3.8 cm (1.49 in).

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"It may seem easy," Pijnappels said, "but we have put in a considerable amount of practice in recent months to arrive at the best method of working and the most suitable recipe."

To qualify, the stack could have no internal or external supporting structures, including any attachment of the pancakes. This means they couldn't be glued or strung together, for example. Each pancake needed a diameter of at least 12.5 cm (5 in) and at most 25 cm (10 in). The thickness also could not exceed 1 cm (0.39 in), and the stack had to stand for at least 5 seconds after the final pancake was placed.

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The idea came from Pijnappels and den Otter, who were on the lookout for a challenge that complemented their ongoing work at Efteling. The stacked height required 242 pancakes to reach, with the final attempt made in front of Efteling employees, park visitors, and even "Little Red Riding Hood," a mainstay at the fantasy-themed park.

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"Our chefs have shown great initiative and perseverance in achieving this milestone," said Efteling chairman and CEO, Fons Jurgensand, "and at the same time, they have surprised our visitors with a unique and enjoyable event.”

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