A Guinness World Records attempt at the Longest business pitch marathon is set to take place at the Virgin Media Business’ VOOM 2012 pitch competition in London on June 1-2, with 160 entrepreneurs pitching over 29-hours to a panel of respected judges.
Peter Kelly, Managing Director of Virgin Media Business said: “I’m looking forward to hearing 160 innovative and inspiring ideas over the course of 29-hour record attempt, although I am not underestimating the challenge.  Like any true entrepreneur – we never do things by halves at Virgin Media Business and achieving this record will add another level of ambition to the ‘VOOM 2016’ competition.”
Judges at the ‘Pitchathon’ event will choose 40 semi-finalists out of the 160 entrants, who will then go on to pitch to Richard Branson and other established entrepreneurs.
Sam Prosser, Guinness World Records Head of Commercial commented: “This is an extremely ambitious and exciting title attempt and is the perfect format to convey the determination and drive shown by UK entrepreneurs.  We wish Virgin Media Business and the pitchers the best of luck.”
In a recent blog post about the upcoming record attempt, Richard Branson said: "Breaking records is all about storytelling, connecting with people through the excitement of achievement. I’m sure there will be some wonderful stories being told, as well as some superhuman efforts from those staying awake the whole time, at the Pitchathon. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds – and of course break a world record by the end. You can watch all the action unfold over at VOOM – see you there!"
Richard Branson and GWR Craig Glenday
Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday presents a record certificate to Richard Branson for having the most followers on LinkedIn
The Pitchathon will be streamed live on a giant video screen at London Waterloo station, and you can watch it livehere.

UPDATE: 03 June

Virgin Media Business (UK) successfully achieved the record for the Longest business pitch marathon in 28 hours 51 minutes, as confirmed by Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel who oversaw the lengthy attempt. 

Once the pitchathon was over, an extremely tired Peter Kelly, Managing Director of Virgin Media Business, who sat on the judging panel for the duration of the challenge, said: “It was an ambitious record to set and a huge challenge – but we’ve done it and it feels great. All 158 businesses are part of this incredible achievement and we saw some wonderful pitches that epitomised what this record, and competition is all about - being creative, resourceful and a little bit daring."

Virgin Media Voom pitchathon celebratory shot

Sir Richard Branson added: “Guinness World Records titles are tangible proof that humans can achieve incredible things if we work together and put our mind to it. Nobody breaks records – or builds successful businesses – without being dedicated and Virgin Media Business and all of those who pitched have demonstrated this perseverance in spades.”