The longest tiramisu measures 273.50 m (897 ft 3 in) and was prepared by Galbani Santa Lucia (Italy), in Milan, Italy

Is there such thing as too much tiramisu? We don't think so.

Luckily, Italian cheese producer Galbani (part of Lactalis) agrees. Using its mascarpone brand Santa Lucia, the company broke the record for the longest tiramisu on 16 March in Milan, Italy. TThe final dessert measured 273.50 m (897 ft 3 in). It was then divided up amongst the thousands of people attending the event, who were also invited to donate to support a local children's hospital.

Longest tiramisu shopping centre

With the help of students from the Milan Cooking School, Galbani was able to assemble the final masterpiece with the direction of Chef Stefano Callegaro, winner of the fourth edition of the MasterChef Italia.

Longest tiramisu chefs

To make the enormous pudding, chefs used:

  • 500 kg of Galbani Santa Lucia mascarpone
  • 50,000 ladyfingers
  • 300 l of coffee
  • 65 kg of sugar
  • 60 kg of egg yolk
  • 70 kg of egg white
  • 65 kg of bitter cocoa

Longest tiramisu construction

All the tiramisu was prepared beforehand in 977 separate containers. 

Longest tiramisu portions

The individual portions were later assembled at City Life Shopping District to create and measure the record-breaking dessert which was then dished out to event attendees with 15,000 portions also kindly donated to the Buzzi Children’s Hospital in Milan.

The previous record measured 266.90 m and was achieved in February 2018, again in Italy. Who knows, next year we might even have an even longer tiramisu.

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Longest tiramisu certificate