A total of 971 children in Mexico got a chance to test their maker skills at the Talent Land event in Guadalajara, Mexico, by participating the world's Largest robotics lesson.

Elementary, middle and high school students from different cities traveled to Expo Guadalajara to participate in the lesson.

Largest robotics lesson

In groups of four, they were given a laptop, a robot with two wheels, a data cable and a small map with a line that formed a circular polygon.

They learned what a robot is, about the different parts of a robot, how to assemble them and how to operate them.

During the the record attempt, students also programmed Makeblock robots with the help of Guillermo Rivera and Noel Marcial Vázquez, engineers from the tech company.

Largest robotics lesson 3

As children crafted their bots, Guinness World Records Carlos Tapia Rojas was present to verify the achievement.

This new title beats the previous record which was achieved in Bogotá, Colombia with 880 participants.

Largest robotics lesson 2

Guadalajara has been the site of many record attempts, such as the Largest social/global development project competition and the Most varieties of tequila on display.

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