A bed of nails is often used in martial arts and circus performances – but to use multiple spiked blocks in a stunt is something that only the most skilled and daring professional would attempt.

Someone like Vispy Baji Kasad and Vispy Jimmy Kharadi - the multiple record-breaking martial arts machines from India.

The duo recently took on the Most layered bed of nails sandwich (1 inch) title with a team of men at an event in Surat.

For this painful and potentially dangerous stunt, the person at the bottom of the 'sandwich' lies on a bed of nails and then a layer of nails facing upright is placed between each person that is added to the human tower.

The previous record stood at six layers and involved many of the same participants - but this time the team were going for eight layers!

Vispy Kharadi made the base layer and a record-breaking seven people were carefully piled on top of him, leaving their leader to withstand almost 1 ton of weight.

"I see myself surpassing own pain bearing threshold every time am there," Vispy Kharadi.

"I like to discover my new strengths both physically and mentally. And that’s how I can prove what the human body is capable of and that it is to-date the best engineering the world has ever seen."

Vispy Jimmy Kharadi and Vispi Baji Kasad

"The moment I decide to be in between those nail beds, it is well accepted that pain is going to come and once you accept it you start focusing on other aspects like weight bearing, balance and holding it for the best possible time."

The challenge was organised and led by fellow martial arts expert Vispi Kasad, with Jecky Patel, Oscar Braganza, Shahaan Davierwalla, Hanoz Kasad, Gulam Malek, Daraius Cooper and Priyank Rana forming the layers in the sandwich.

The completed formation had to be held for a minimum of one minute once the top bed and weight was placed on the person forming the last layer.

Speaking about his teammates, Kasad said: "The whole team is the perfect combination of mind and body, with the trust on each other. Everyone was specially trained in timing, speed, placing the person on the exact position on the nail bed. There were 32 brains working in this act as one single brain. I think this is the best part of my team."

Most layered bed of nails sandwich certificate presentation

Guinness World Records judge Swapnil Dangarikar was on hand to officiate the record: "The attempt was very thrilling to see live. It was a superb display of strength, coordination and endurance."

On breaking the record, Kasad said: "It was out of the world as during the practice it was very difficult for us to maintain the height of all 8 layers with the record timing. It was a proud moment for all of us as we did it for the third time and all in the first attempt."

Most layered bed of nails sandwich certificate presentation Vispy

Vispy Jimmy Kharadi and Vispi Baji Kasad also hold the title Most watermelons chopped on the stomach in one minute.

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