Aged just 15, Brazil’s skating prodigy Rayssa Leal holds multiple medals and three world record titles.

Firstly, she was part of the youngest Olympic podium when she won the silver medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.

This moment was truly historic, not only as skateboarding's first outing in any Olympic games, but also as it saw the youngest podium in Olympic history, with an aggregate age of 43 years 208 days.

She is also the youngest skateboarder to win a Women's Final at Street League Skateboarding Championship (SLS) at the age of 11 years 115 days and, finally, the youngest to podium at Street League Skateboarding Championship (SLS).

Rayssa first started skateboarding when she was six years old and her dad gifted her a skateboard. 

Soon after, she rose to internet notoriety when a short video of her perfectly executing a heelflip down a set of stairs, whilst wearing a fairy princess costume, was posted on social media and became viral overnight.

Fast forward eight years, Rayssa is a professional skateboarder with an exceptional career, which she manages to balance with her school studies and other teenage activities.

When we asked Rayssa what she loves about the sport, she said: “When I'm skating I feel free to be whoever I want to be… I feel happy!”

Of course, like any other professional teen athlete, she leads a busy life with a demanding daily schedule: “The main challenge is the agenda for sure – I have to travel a lot to make it to all the contests.”

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rayssa holding trophy and fist in the air

Thankfully, her parents are very supportive of her career, as Rayssa confirmed saying, “They are always there to support me to do what I really love.”

On breaking three world records, Rayssa commented that she feels honoured and “super happy”.

It's good to know that I can inspire young girls to do the same... To practise sports and do whatever they want, just being happy.

Even though skateboarding is Rayssa’s biggest passion, she also has many hobbies and interests like most kids her age.

“I enjoy sports in general, especially soccer! I used to play with my brothers at home,” she told us.

“I also like playing video games. Additionally, I have an interest in fashion. Choosing my look for competitions is one of the things I enjoy doing with my mom.”

rayssa walking and smiling

With an Olympic silver medal, two summer X Games gold medals and multiple gold and silver medals in World Championships, Rayssa is certainly looking at a bright future ahead of her.

Considering her many accomplishments, when we asked her about her plans, her answer was modest and showed her genuine passion for the sport:

I want to improve my skills, learn new tricks and have the conditions to do my best to be in the best places.

Lastly, her advice to fellow girls and young women with big dreams is: “You girls can do whatever you want!  Do your best, keep chasing your dreams, find motivation to be smiling and always be kind.”

Welcome to the Guinness World Records family, Rayssa!

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