split image of zoey laying down with her tongue sticking out and zoey sitting

Adorable Zoey will give you a big old kiss when you meet - but it'll be a slobbery one thanks to her record-breaking tongue!

The labrador/German shepherd mix, from Metairie, Louisiana, USA, has officially claimed the record for longest tongue on a living dog.

Her tongue is a whopping 12.7 cm (5 in) long. That's longer than a soda can!

As a pup, Zoey’s tongue used to frequently stick out of her mouth. 

Her owners, Sadie and Drew Williams, thought she would grow into it but as time went on people began to comment on how long her tongue was.


“We got Zoey when she was only six weeks old and in the first ever picture we have of her, she has her tongue sticking out,” said Sadie.

“We thought surely she’d grow into it but she obviously didn’t. She still has an enormous tongue compared to her body.”

Drew said the length of Zoey’s tongue was most obvious after she had been playing outside and panting. 


“It would be slobbering all over the place,” said Drew.

“So sometime last year we took her to the vet and measured her tongue.” 

Sadie’s tongue was measured from the tip of her snout to the tip of her tongue, revealing a licker that would soon be recognized as the longest. 


Some of Zoey’s most cherished pastimes include being outdoors, fetching balls, chasing squirrels, car rides, and swimming in the canal. 

“She will pretty much go fetch anything you throw and swim in any body of water that’s available,” said Drew. 

“But she hates getting a bath.”

One of the three-year-old pup’s favourite activities has to be showing off her extra-long licker, her loving owners said.


“Every now and then while we’re out taking her on a walk, people will come up to her and want to pet her,” said Drew.

“We’ll warn them ahead of time ‘Hey, she’s friendly but she might slobber on you’ and every now and then she will, and they’ll have a big slobber mark on their black pants.”

Zoey’s record-breaking accomplishment comes nearly three months after Bisbee broke the record with a tongue measuring 9.49 cm (3.74 in).

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