split image of samantha ramsdell fitting an apple and a can into her mouth

Samantha Ramsdell isn’t just taking a bite out of supersized sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas. 

She’s just taken a bite out of the record title for the widest mouth (female) as well! 

Not only does Samantha hold a record for the world’s largest mouth gape (female) with a larger-than-life mouth that stretches to a massive 6.52 cm (2.56 in), but her sizeable jaw also has an incredible width of 10.33 cm (4.07 inches).

The average woman’s mouth is 4.43 cm (1.74 inches) wide. 

Sam first rose to TikTok fame when “the children of TikTok” convinced her that she had a world record mouth after seeing her stretch it in one of her videos and encouraged her to go after the record.  

To prove to everyone just how large her gape really was, she fit an entire green apple, four-single stacked cheeseburgers, and an entire large sized portion of French fries in her mouth.

This time, to show the world what the widest mouth can do, Sam made a stop at Subway to pick up a sandwich. 

“Let’s go test out my newly improved widest mouth record and see what I can do,” said Sam.

“First stop, I think we’re going to do a sandwich.”

With a 6-inch turkey sub in hand, Sam proceeded to put her mouth to the test. 


Without much effort, she was able to easily push the entire sub into her mouth.

“Now I gotta do a classic. I’ve done one burger from McDonald’s before, but can I do two?," pondered Sam.

"With a new record, you never know.” 

Sam challenged herself by chasing the double stacked cheeseburgers with a pringles tube, proving that no demand is too big for her mouth gape.

“Having a big mouth growing up…I hated having a big mouth,” she said.

“It was something that I always tried to cover up. I never wore lipstick and always wore makeup over my lips so I wouldn’t accentuate.”


But now, Sam says she always wears red lipstick, which has helped to give her a little bit of her power back. 

By embracing her unique characteristic, Sam turned a feature that she was once bullied for into a very big asset. 

“I’m so grateful and I also hope that it does inspire others who feel different, who feel like they’re not like everyone else, and they’re unique and they’ve been made fun of for things about them that are different,” said Sam. 

“And when you’re at your weirdest, most authentic self, that’s when the magic happens.”


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