Paul doing the stunt

Paul Swift proved his super skills once again with an incredible feat on two wheels.

The stunt driver, who has already plenty of titles under his belt and doesn’t seem intentioned to stop pushing the boundaries of what is physically possible, celebrated GWR Day with a never-seen-before trick: completing the tightest gap driven through by a pickup truck on two wheels.

On a windy day (which further added to the challenge), Paul successfully achieved the record and could proudly raise the coveted certificate. 

“It was great,” he said.

To measure the distance for this record, GWR adjudicator and Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday was on site to supervise the attempt. 

He measured the distance between the two obstacles and then took away the height of the pickup, watching closely as Paul completed the side wheelie stunt and squeezed the massive Ford vehicle through the poles, leaving a total space of just 88 cm (34.6 in).

The stunt driver started performing car stunts at the age of seven, on his family's lawnmower. 

Young Paul Swift performing tricks

Coming from a legacy of drivers, Paul this summer has broken another record: the fastest time to complete five car stunts, achieved during the British Motor Show 2023. He completed the feat in an impressive 57.21 seconds. 

Now, only a few months later, the pro driver is once again testing the limits with his amazing stunts.

It feels great to get this record, especially for Guinness World Records Day. To be part of such a special group of people is fantastic. - Paul

Of course, the challenge presented several unique difficulties. 

It did not only test Paul’s ability to control a car on two wheels, but it also took into consideration several other factors, from the wind to the size and length of a full pickup. 

Nerve-wrecking as it might have been to watch, Paul had put in plenty of preparation and, with the unwavering support of his team, he seemed confident about the challenge.

Paul driving his pickup

Of course, especially on a windy November morning, such a big vehicle came with its own characteristics that added to the challenge.

“We also used a big vehicle, so we had to strengthen the ramp,” he explained, mentioning the ramp that he used to roll the car on two wheels, then driving it through the two poles.

“Being it a 4x4, this car has quite a lot of suspension travel," he continued.

"Trying to keep it nice and stable while it went through the gap was my biggest challenge. But I am delighted that we’ve got it!”

Close-up of the pickup's wheel

So I thought it would be the perfect tool for the job, and it has got loads of power. And it looks fantastic, so it worked out great.

“Ultimately, we needed everything to be right,” he explained after the record-breaking action. “I also had a great team of people around me that helped me prepare for this challenge.”

However, Paul was sure of his choice of vehicle for the day, having tested the car in several other stunts. 

Other than the obvious wow factor of a bright blue pickup side wheeling, Paul knew he could trust the vehicle.

“I’ve used that car for quite a few other stunts recently, with various filming jobs that we have done,” he explained, with a laugh, “and I have found it to be sort of indestructible.”

 Paul and Craig

Today, Paul (who, among several other titles, already holds the records for the viral tightest parallel park in an electric car and most doughnuts around a motorcycle performing a wheelie in one minute) joins Guinness World Records in an international celebration of super skills.  

With a feast of records happening around the world, from pogo-sticking in the US to handstand skips in Japan and back somersaulting in China, on GWR Day we come together to celebrate talent, unique skills and the will to push boundaries.

“I want to encourage anybody looking for their special super skill,” Paul said.

“The theme for GWR Day is super skills, and Paul is a perfect example of how you can turn your passion into a record-breaking success," said Editor-in-Chief Craig.

“Obviously, you don’t have to be able to drive a car on two wheels - or drive it on two wheels through a gap - to be able to get a world record. There’s something for everybody, it is very diverse.

So, if you are really good at something, if you’ve got a talent, then go out, explore it, and see how far you can push yourself.

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