split image of most eggs balanced on the back of the hand with close up

Meet Ibrahim Sadeq (Iraq) who recently found himself in the exclusive club of world record holders.

He managed to achieve the title for most eggs balanced on the back of the hand with a whopping 18 eggs in Nasiriyha, Iraq.

His successful attempt equalled that of Jack Harris (UK) who also balanced 18 eggs back in May 2020.

Ibrahim discovered his skills in balancing after being fascinated by a clip he saw of a man balancing rocks on top of each other in nature.

"It was amazing to watch" Ibrahim said. 

"I started balancing stuff around me and discovered that I was really good at it. After a while, I became even faster in balancing than the people I watched online." - Ibrahim Sadeq

After setting his sights on breaking the record, Ibrahim began practicing four times a week in preparation for his attempt.

Ibrahim Sadeq while attempting the most eggs balanced on back of hand

"You need to have a high level of focus when attempting such a record which is difficult to achieve."

"Add to that the pain and pressure your hands go through, I needed to be ready for that moment."

As per the records guidelines, the eggs must remain balanced without any other support for a minimum of five seconds.

"I can’t easily describe the secret behind the art of balancing, but what I can say is that it needs a lot of patience, focus and a sense of calmness."

"You also need to be able to handle your breathing [as it] might affect the success of your attempt."

"Being an official Guinness World Records title holder has a been a dream come true. I want the world to enjoy the art of balancing and I hope to inspire someone to start their dream journey."

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