You might have seen a video of Paul Hunn performing his record-breaking belch, but do you know the science behind his ear-splitting talent?

Guinness World Records has asked Professor Orbax and his Lab Assistant Klopek, our favourite wacky scientists, to provide simple physics and biology explanations to some of our most loved record titles – including the Loudest burp (male).

Paul practises his strange talent by drinking copious amounts of fizzy drinks and allowing the gas to build up in his stomach – but how does this work?

In the video below, the comic duo shed light on what causes people to burp and how the noise level is measured using the decibel scale.

The scientists discover that, with a score of 109.9 decibels, Paul’s belch is louder than a large orchestra at 98 dB.

Hunn claimed his record for the loudest male burp at Butlins in Bognor Regis, UK, on 23 August 2009.

Watch our profile video for a more in depth look at Paul’s burping history.

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