In celebration of National Pet Day, Guinness World Records is excited to announce a new record for Fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog.
Toby the male whippet - whose official pedigree name is Loughren Christmas Star - attempted the record recently on his 9th birthday, witnessed by an excited audience of children at the YMCA in Calgary, Canada.

"Toby and I have volunteered as entertainment for the community for all of our lives together," said owner Christie Springs. "Popping balloons was just one of Toby's many talents. He has always been amazing to me and others."
Fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog - Toby waiting
The video featuring previous record holder Twinkie the Jack Russell Terrier from California, USA became a viral hit online, with over 84 million views on the official Guinness World Records Facebook page. After watching the video, Christie was convinced that Toby could have a pop at the record title.
Purebred whippet Toby has been fond of balloon popping from a young age. "It escalated to the point where we were filling our outdoor swimming pool full of balloons to see how many the dogs could pop and entertain the neighbourhood," Christie told CBC news.
The time to beat was 39.08 seconds. With a lightning-fast time of 36.53 seconds to pop 100 balloons using his teeth and claws, we're very pleased to announce that Toby is now Officially Amazing.
Fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog - Toby signature
The hotly-contested record has been attempted successfully several times in recent years and was previously achieved by Cally the Wonderdog and Mitch Jenkins on the set of the Britain's Got Talent live semi-final back in May 2015.