A breath-taking piece of artwork was produced during the annual Middle East Film and Comic Con that took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates last week.
Following the theme of the event, the huge colourful image depicted the Dubai skyline and featured superheroes like Superman and Batman.
The mixed-media creation was actually a Guinness World Records attempt at the Largest stencil, a record that was confirmed by onsite adjudicator Hoda Khachab.
Artists working on the largest stencil 
The stencil measured a whopping 11.13 m² (119.8 ft², 115.2 in²) and, as required by the Guinness World Records guidelines, was used to create a complete image.
The piece was put together by four artists from mural and design company ProWalls and two members of the UAE Graffiti Team, in partnership with online art store Iconix.
Collage of superheroes on the largest stencil 
It took three days to complete and included layered sections produced by airbrush, spray gun and laser-cut stencils.
Sam Gauche, a member of ProWalls said:
ProWalls, a Dubai-based commission, is thrilled to be working with Guinness World Records. By working with Guinness World Records, we are shedding light on the local art scene and giving it international recognition, in addition to putting Dubai on the map of the art world. We are also delighted to be working with UAE Graffiti, which involves members of the UAE community and accentuates local talent. Ever since I was seven, I dreamt of breaking a Guinness World Records title and by involving members of the community in these attempts I hope to allow others to live their dreams and be a part of something as amazing as breaking a world record.
Largest stencil certificate presentation
Leila Issa, Guinness World Record’s Marketing Manager – MENA, also commented on the achievement:
Guinness World Records is proud to acknowledge such amazing artwork and is always seeking to celebrate incredible talent. Recognizing potential and encouraging people to explore their talents is at the heart of Guinness World Records’ values and we are always ready to support individuals looking to challenge themselves.
Previously, Prowalls has also been involved with the creation of the Largest glow in the dark painting and the Longest graffiti scroll.