Municipalidad Adolfo Alsina (Argentina), has drifted their way into a new record title.
On the banks of Lake Epecuén in Carhué 1,941 people gathered for the Most people floating in a line (unassisted) in an effort to promote tourism of the area. 
Most people floating in a line 
The record was attempted in the same lake that flooded the city of Epecuén more than 30 years ago The attempt helped to highlight how Epecuén and its citizens have managed to move on from the disaster in 1985 which saw the area effectively abandoned.
On a bright day, perfect for taking a dive, hundreds linked hand in hand to hover peacefully on top of the water.
The ability to float so easily was due to the hyper-salinity in the lake itself, which has been comparable to the Dead Sea. 
Most people floating in a line 3 
The lake is known for this feature, as well as its vast benefits for relaxation, health and beauty.
Most people floating in a line 2 
Because of the consistency, participants were able to achieve maximum buoyance in the water.
So far, the only country who has come close to accomplishing the record title is China, who previously achieved a similar title where 650 people floated using life vests.
Most people floating in a line 5 
After achieving the record, official adjudicator Natalia presented a certificate to a crowd full of excited participants. 
Most people floating in a line 6 
The city of Carhué, in which the record took place, is known in Argentina as a unique tourist destination in the Province of Buenos Aires - receiving many visitors throughout the year. 
It will now be also known as the place where an extraodrinary record title was broken, highlighting some of the best features of Lake Epecuen and local culture.