Business Partner Code of Conduct

1. Introduction

Last updated as of 28 March 2022 (v.202203.01)

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1.1 Policy Statement

Guinness World Records (“GWR”) is committed, across its global businesses, to ensure a high standard of ethical behaviour towards its employees, business partners, and the environment.

GWR conducts its business in accordance with the provisions of this Business Partner Code of Conduct (“the Code”) and expects its business partners to operate in compliance with the Code’s standards, and with all applicable national and international laws and regulations.

We believe the principles described in the Code promote a long-term view of doing good business, helps create a high degree of trust, and builds solid and sustainable relationships. As a result, we put high expectations on ourselves to perform our business in an honest, open and ethical manner.

1.2 Scope of the Code

GWR’s commitment to the Code applies to all areas of its global business, and to each business partner (a “Business Partner”).

For the purposes of the Code, a Business Partner includes all third parties who act for, on behalf of, or in collaboration with, any GWR company. These include – but are not limited to – suppliers, printers, licensees, agents, sub-contractors, sales representatives, consultants, and freelancers of any description.

By entering into an agreement with GWR, Business Partners agree to, and accept the terms, of the Code.

1.3 Compliance with the Code

GWR requires all its Business Partners to comply with the provisions of this Code, and each Business Partner is expected to obtain similar compliance with the Code’s provisions from their own business partners.

GWR recognises that, in some cases, its Business Partners may not be immediately able to achieve the high standards detailed in the Code. Where that is the case, GWR is willing to consider engaging with Business Partners who have:

  • Implemented robust processes which aim to raise standards in line with the Code within an agreed timeframe; or
  • Demonstrated a responsible and transparent approach to their general working practices; or
  • Successfully undergone an audit or verification procedure in accordance with GWR’s internal auditing procedures.

If GWR considers that a Business Partner has not demonstrated compliance with the Code, the Business Partner must take all such appropriate remedial actions as requested by GWR to address any areas of concern.

Failure to remedy any area of concern may result in GWR taking further appropriate action, including contract termination.