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Does your school or university want to invite a judge to your Guinness World Records title attempt?   If the answers 'Yes', you've come to the right place! We work with schools, universities and educational institutions across the globe to support student and community engagement initiatives.    Whether it’s an anniversary, sports day, recruitment drive, induction, graduation or an initiative to make learning fun, we help you to create unforgettable record-breaking experiences that enrich your programmes and achieve your goals. Submit an enquiry to our commercial team today to discuss your record-breaking ideas and find out more about inviting a judge to attend your event*  *Please note -ideas on suitable record titles and inviting a judge are paid-for-services. If you would like to submit a Standard Application instead, please follow this link. You will need to login or create an account before you can submit an application.

Kansas University

To show just how passionate the Jayhawks are, Kansas University broke the record for the Loudest crowd roar at an indoor sports event during a gripping game against rivals, West Virginia Mountaineers. Eventually winning in overtime, Jayhawk fans showed their school pride by making the Allen Fieldhouse shake with a 130.4 decibel roar. The loud cheers not only gave the KU basketball team the extra boost to secure the win, but united the Jayhawk fandom in a special occasion.

University of California-Irvine

To mark the occasion of Welcome Week, the Associated Students of UCI have staged a record attempt for the past five-years to welcome students back to campus with a bang. The Orange County campus has been the stage for many record attempts over the years, enticing students to be a part of history. Not only have these record attempts become a staple in kicking off the school year, but they serve as a way for students to get involved early on in campus life. The Anteaters have broken records for the Largest game of dodgeball (6,084 students), the Largest water pistol fight (3,875 students) and, most recently, the Largest pillow fight (4,200 students).

Mississippi State University

To celebrate the start of football season and excite fans, Mississippi State University’s Student Association attempted a mass-participation record for the Most people ringing cowbells simultaneously at their Cowbell Yell pep rally. The event was held for all Bulldog fans and kept true to their cowbell tradition, as MSU is the only school in the NCAA to allow artificial noisemakers into games. The attempt was held in Davis Wade Stadium, where 5,748 students, university employees, alumni and members of the local community came together, cowbells in hand, to set the record. Participants played their bells along with the university’s marching band, kicking off the start of the season.

University of Oklahoma

As a part of Rokerthon – a series of Guinness World Records titles attempted by universities across the country live on TODAY, weatherman Al Roker helped the University of Oklahoma become Officially Amazing after they attempted, and set, the record for the Largest human image of a cloud and lightning bolt. Dedicated fans, students and alumni gathered to create the two images before sunrise. Four hundred and ninety people dressed in white formed the human cloud and 280 people dressed in yellow formed the lightning bolt – fitting symbols for the iconic weatherman. The TODAY show gave away two $5,000 scholarships to UO students to celebrate the event.

Stratford University

Stratford University wanted to honor their founder, U.S. Navy veteran Richard R. Shurtz II, and give back to a good cause in their local community. So, the university took on the challenge to create the Tallest cake pyramid to raise funds for the Fisher House Foundation – a charity that supports military and veteran’s families. A 2.79 m cake was constructed in the Food Court of the Potomac Mills Mall, awarding the university with a Guinness World Records title. The cake was then distributed to onlookers for $1 donations per slice. The event raised funds for a cause close to the university and demonstrated the master skills of the Stratford chefs.

Temple University

Temple University wanted to unite its on-campus community with members of the greater Philadelphia area for their Homecoming celebrations. To give back to the community while getting students involved, the school organized a record attempt for the Most sandwiches made in one hour. 1,300 volunteers assembled 49,100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, awarding the university the record. After 93.5 boxes of sandwiches were packed and donated to more than 15 local food banks, the record attempt bonded students, faculty, alumni and the local community in a record-breaking donation experience.

McGill University

Marking the start of the school year during Frosh Week (Freshman Week) McGill University, with the help of Guinness World Records, produced the Largest smoothie. Totaling 3,121.7 liters, the smoothie was created by a team of 100 staff members and student volunteers over the course of four hours. Thousands of berries, 170 watermelons, 400 cantaloupe melons, 50 cases of bananas and 950 container of yogurt were used to create the drink. The drink was consumed by 5,000 students in attendance before the remainder was donated to the local Old Brewery Mission homeless shelter.

Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University in Ankara is Turkey’s premier medical university. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the finding the structure of DNA double helix, and to engage high schools students from around the city, the university staged an attempt for the Largest human DNA helix. Students from the university and Ankara’s schools joined university personnel to create a double helix which included two side chains and four different bases. The record was achieved by 3,034 participants.

CK School of Practical Knowledge

CK School of Practical Knowledge in Tamil Nadu, India wanted to educate its students aged seven to 15 on the importance of self-defence. The record attempt for Most people performing a kata, which was achieved by 809 students, also formed a platform for the school to also educate students on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Guido de Brès School

Guido de Brès School in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands was celebrating the 50th anniversary of its establishment. To engage students in this celebration the school wished to create the Largest field trip. With the support of Guinness World Records the record title was created and the final event, which took place at Attraction Park Walibi Holland, involved 1,872 participants.