Creating a stunning display of 4,968 paint cans, Grupo PPG Comex, has officially achieved the record for the Largest paint can mosaic. 
Largest paint can mosaic 6
In order to complete the record, the paint manufacturer and distributor needed to form a mosaic that measured over 50 square meters and create a recognisable image using the cans. 
Largest paint can mosaic 2
Largest paint can mosaic 4
Luckily, the Mexico company managed to meet that standard seamlessly, and crafted a mosaic with the final measurements of 52.065 square meters, which was displayed at the Convención Comex 2017, in Acapulco, Guerrero.
Largest paint can mosaic 6
As seen in the photos below, the canvas presents a human hand intertwined with a DNA strand, a symbol of Comex’s humanistic outreach and their brand's global strength.
Largest paint can mosaic 9
The overall image was designed by Mexican artist Triana Parera, who used one-liter paint tins, in eight variations of vibrant colours. Volunteers helped to place each of the paint cans in the correlating coloured spots to form the image. 
Largest paint can mosaic 5
Largest paint can mosaic 8
Aside from the pressure to properly follow Guinness World Records requirements, the company was keen to achieve the record accurately and successfully to promote their 2017 slogan “Do It Right”.
Upon receiving the record title, Comex generously donated the paint cans from the record attempt to beautify different areas of the local community.
Largest paint can mosaic
With their new admirable achievement, Comex hopes to affirm commitment to their product and inspire others with teamwork and motivation. 
Largest paint can mosaic 7