Indian human resources company HR Anexi Pvt. Ltd. hosted a sizzling Guinness World Records attempt to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jewelex, one of its clients.
The company invited its employees to take part in the Most people firewalking consecutively - single venue, and a staggering 1,356 people managed to complete the courage-testing challenge.
Each participant had to walk barefoot over 2 metres (6 ft 6 in) of red-hot burning coals in order to be included in the final total.
Organised by Ashish Arora, Joseph Paulson, Lina Das, Rajesh Rai, Unnikrishnan KB and Yogish Arora, the attempt took place at Imagica in Khapoli, Maharashtra, India last week.
Most people firewalking 
Explaining their reasoning behind this record attempt, Ashish Arora, Managing Director at HR Anexi Pvt. Ltd. said: “Conquering your fears is the key for living your life to the fullest. We consider firewalking as a powerful metaphor for personal transformation - transforming fears that limit us from being extraordinary. The act of firewalking helps to break down limiting beliefs and mental blocks. This facilitates individuals to connect with their inner strength and move from a ‘can’t do’ to a ‘can do’ paradigm - a key to the concept of empowerment.”
“Setting the Guinness World Records title reiterates HR Anexi’s vision of transforming the lives of individual and organisation alike!”
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Rishi Nath oversaw the attempt. 
“It is a very unique feat achieved,” he said afterwards. “While we are happy to update our database of records, the most heartening observation has been the enthusiasm witnessed amongst all those attempting it. We are satisfied with the effort and have given the certificate confirming that a new record has been set.”
Most people firewalking certificate presentation 
HR Anexi Pvt. Ltd. has more than doubled the previous record for the most people walking on hot embers. Arranged by Eastbourne Scouts (New Zealand) 608 people firewalked across hot coals in Wellington on 28 April 2012.