The Results

Facebook Performance:
Over 3 Million people reached, more than half a million videos and over 14,000 interactions
YouTube Reach
Over 50,000 video views

The Brief

Every year cereal manufacturer Kellogg’s holds a conference which brings together the company’s research, quality and nutrition teams from around the world to review  the previous year  and to set the coming year’s targets.  For 2016 the meeting’s organisers wanted to create a team-building event in which all 150 attendees could participate and would leave feeling as though they had achieved something together as one unit.
Kellogg’s were keen on the idea of setting a Guinness World Records title, but were unsure what that record should be, so they turned to the Guinness World Records Commercial Team for help.

The Solution

The Guinness World Records consultancy team took Kellogg’s brief and researched both existing titles as well as potential new records that might work for the event, with a particular focus on a title that could incorporate Kellogg’s products as well as generate the desired sense of achievement amongst attendees.
After brainstorming an array of ideas, a brand new record category came out on top:  Most cereal boxes toppled in a domino fashion.
The Kellogg’s team pooled their talents and efforts and succeeded in setting a new Guinness World Records title with 2,686 cereal boxes being toppled in a domino fashion.

This Guinness World Records title exemplifies the spirit of teamwork, pushing our goals as high as we can get them. This is a lesson to us all, aim for the skies and you will get there.

— Peter Headridge, VP Research, Nutrition, Quality & Technology at Kellogg's Europe