A man dressed in a red samurai suit is on an unprecedented journey across Japan in one of the most unique ways imaginable. 

"Samurai Japan Project a.k.a. Red Samurai" is currently attempting the longest journey on a kick scooter. He has decided to travel from Hokkaido (the northern part of Japan) to the country's most southerly point at Okinawa using just a kick scooter.

His journey started earlier this year, and continues through Guinness World Records Day which this year embraces the "Spirit of Adventure" and celebrates those pushing boundaries to set new records.

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On the way he's visiting various towns and villages, posting photos of the scenery, landmarks and monuments of the places he visits every single day on his Instagram for his 230,000 followers to enjoy.

According to Red Samurai, it was important to use a kick scooter as a mode of travel: "If I chose a bicycle, then I can cover around 150 km a day. But that's too fast. Going slow means I can experience all the places I visit better, learning about the town and its history." 

The slow pace meant that locals are more willing to come and have a chat with the wanderer samurai.


A lover of sports and fitness, it didn't take much for Red Samurai to prepare. Once he customized the kick scooter by adding a horse head and a flag, and practicing how to fix his scooter in an emergency, he was ready to go. However, heavy weather puts a toll on him, both physically and mentally. 

"It's tough when it rains and my bag gets soaked and become heavier. Sometimes the rain and wind was so strong I had build a tend under a bridge and spent a day there."

So far, he has covered nearly half of his planned journey, passing through 16 of Japan's 47 prefectures. When asked what defines an adventure, Red Samurai says it's about encounters with people.

"Before this challenge, adventure was something you do alone, but since I've started, I realized that by meeting people, your adventure become richer. And locals help sometime help you out. (When I was traveling under cold weather) I was trembling inside a bus stop. Then someone found out about me through Instagram came to the bus stop and offered me some hot coffee, hot water and a cup of instant noodles."

"In Fukushima, a local offered me a place to stay, then other people from town gathered and we ate and drank together. Preparation is important for an adventure, but unexpected encounters is vital to learning more about the places you visit, and to make your adventure rich. So much so that now I think adventure itself is all about encounters."


Red Samurai is hoping to visit all other prefectures of Japan, and eventually arriving in Okinawa by February or March next year. When asked how he might feel at the end of this adventure, he answered: "I wouldn't know... I guess I will be relieved!"

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