How long can you keep a fidget spinner moving on one finger, with a single turn?

It’s likely that lots of people have given themselves this challenge, but a group of employees from Japan have taken it to the next level by attempting an official Guinness World Records title for the Longest duration spinning a fidget spinner on one finger.

It sounds simple yet it’s a massive test of endurance, demonstrated by the way the competitors’ hands start to tremble after just a few minutes!

In the end, Takayuki Ishikawa came out on top, managing to keep a specially-designed fidget toy turning for a staggering 24 min 46.34 sec – beating the previous record by almost 20 minutes.

The circular fidget toy used in the attempt was created by MinebeaMitsumi Inc.

Staff at Mitsubishi Precision Co. Ltd put the fidget spinner together, based on MinebeaMitsumi Inc.'s ball bearings, with a heavy design on the outside and a lighter middle section; 50 people spent six months creating and perfecting it.

"We wanted to make a super high-quality one which has the smallest, the longest rotation and the smoothest features. We wanted to prove the precision of our bearing by creating a fidget spinner which spins the longest," explained leader of the project at MinebeaMitsumi Inc., Shigeru None.

The team also created the world’s Smallest fidget spinner, which is a minuscule 5.09 mm (0.20 in) long.

If all this fidget spinner-talk has got you in the mood to attempt a record yourself, why not have a go at the Longest duration to spin a fidget spinner on the nose?

Can you do better than the Buzzfeed staff who attempted this in May 2017? Video - Watch BuzzFeed staff take on fidget spinner world record

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