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Have you ever wondered why someone would want to travel over 120km/h on a motorcycle while performing a headstand, or how exactly you can train a rat to jump through a hoop eight times? 

As Guinness World Records 2021 (GWR 2021) hits the shelves across the world from today, we can reveal the latest record-breaking achievements to have earned themselves a place in the famous book.

Join us as we embark on a voyage through the vast panorama of record-breaking in 12 fact-packed chapters: 

  • Travel through the Solar System and see the planets come to life with a free augmented-reality feature 
  • Encounter the cutest, weirdest, most dangerous and exotic creatures on our home planet 
  • Meet the world’s tallest, shortest, hairiest humans 
  • Marvel at the latest high scores, speed runs and players at the top of their game in eSports and beyond 
  • Get the lowdown on the world’s most successful and prolific actors, musicians, TV stars and influencers 
  • Review the greatest sports achievements from the past year and celebrate today’s top athletes

"This year's book has been compiled in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Halfway through writing it, the world was turned upside down by COVID-19, but it's not stopped people from breaking records. So you can expect the usual mix of awesome achievements, incredible human bodies and the latest from the worlds of science, sport, gaming, music and movies. We're able to take readers on a record-breaking journey of discovery from their local neighbourhoods to the far reaches of the solar system, all from the safety of their armchairs."  - Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief at Guinness World Records

Read on to find out some of the record-breaking superstars we're revealing today and follow the links to read more!


Shortest Bus driver 

Frank Faeek Hachem, 57, from Hampshire (UK) broke the record for shortest bus driver when he measured in at 136.2 cm (4ft 5.6 inches) on 5th February 2018. 

Passing his normal driving test back in 1989, Frank has now been a bus driver for three years and passed his bus driving test in 2017. 

Marco George article 1

Fastest speed on a motorcycle while performing a headstand / handstand

Marco George, 31, from Hampshire (UK) broke the record for fastest speed on a motorcycle while performing a headstand / handstand on the 17th August 2019 when he reached 122.59 km/h (76.17 mph).

He's been practicing to break this record for over three years.


Most alternating paw tricks by a rat in 30 seconds

Meet the talented rats that feature in GWR 2021 for their records of most alternating paw tricks by a rat in 30 seconds (28) and most jumps through a hoop by a rat in 30 seconds (8).

Not only are they record-breakers, but their owners Luke Roberts and Jess Timmis (both UK) also hold a record too!


Largest collection of Funko Pop! figurines

Paul Scardino (USA) has amassed a staggering collection of Funko Pop! figurines, with a total of 5,306 items as counted on 5 March 2020. 

Paul has held this record since December 2018, but his collection has grown by almost 1,000 items since then! 


Longest gum wrapper chain

Gary Duschl (USA) holds the record for the longest gum wrapper chain, which measures a massive 32,555.68 m (106,810 ft) long.

“In the 60’s gum wrapper chains were a fad.  Girls and boys would make a chain the length matching their boyfriend or girlfriend's height," Gary explained. 


Longest horns on a yak 

Jericho, owned by Hugh and Melodee Smith (USA) has humongous horns that measure 346.4 cm (136.4 in).

Sprawled on the pages of this year’s Guinness World Records 2021 edition, the adorable beast from Welch, Minnesota (USA) is being recognized for having the longest horns on a yak.

Discover these and thousands more new and iconic records in Guinness World Records 2021, which is available to order now.