Big food, speed eating and blowing Maltesers - 5 food records you could attempt on Guinness World Records Day

By Ben Hollingum
GWR Day food records

Guinness World Records (GWR) Day 2018 is one week away (at the time of writing) and once again looks set to feature more fantastic record-breaking achievements from around the world.

This year's GWR Day takes place on Thursday 8 November and there's still time to apply so you can attempt a record on the day.

To give you some inspiration, here are five food-related records set in previous years to mark the day Guinness World Records became the bestselling annual book.

If you're looking for further inspiration, don't forget to check out these sporty records or attempts you can complete with friends.

Largest vegan cake

YouTube star and author Therése Lindgren (SWE) celebrated GWR Day by striking another item off her famous “bucket list” of challenges and personal goals. 

Therese and a team of friends succeeded in making the Largest vegan cake, with the final product weighing in at 462.4 kg (1,019 lb 6 oz) – that’s heavier than a grand piano! 

Loudest crunch of an apple

Loudest crunch of an apple 

Felix Michaels from Germany, of YouTube show So Geht Das, managed to bite into an apple hard enough to create a 84.6-decibel crunch, winning a multi-apple chomp-off with co-host Kim Kitsch (also from Germany) and breaking the record for the Loudest crunch of an apple

Guinness World Records adjudicator Lena Kuhlmann braved flying bits of apple and juice to verify the record. 

Fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta

Fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta 

For GWR Day back in 2009, Italian speed eater Ernesto Cesario devoured the Guinness World Records standard bowl of pasta (100 g of spaghetti with 50 g of sauce) in an 1 minute 30 seconds at Restorante Sant'Eustorgio in Milan, Italy. 

Ernesto’s record was broken (smashed!) by Major League Eating competitor and school teacher Michelle Lesco (USA), who needed just 29.6 sec to polish off the pasta. 

Farthest distance blowing a Malteser with a straw 

Ignoring a lifetime’s instructions not to play with his food, for GWR Day 2009 Alastair Galpin (New Zealand) managed to blow a single Malteser chocolate 11.29 m (37 ft) with a single breath. 

This title, which requires the use of a 15 cm drinking straw, has changed hands four times since it was first set in 2006. 

The current holder is multiple record-holder Ashrita Furman (USA), who exceeded Alastair’s mark with a one-breath push of 14.07 m (46 ft 1 in) the following year. 

Most beer steins carried over 40 metres by a woman

Most beer steins carried over 40 metres (female) 

Anita Schwarz (DEU) had the whole of Oktoberfest to practice her stein-carrying skills ahead of GWR Day 2008. On the day she managed to carry 19 of the thick glass mugs, each filled with one litre (2.1 US pints) over the required 40 metre distance without what is described in the guidelines as “excessive spillage”.

Join in the celebrations!

If any of the record titles above have inspired you, remember you can still get involved with GWR Day. Here’s how:

We want everyone to celebrate the power of record-breaking with us on Thursday 8 November. So, if you want to plan an Official Attempt, there is still time to schedule it for 8 November.

Our dedicated GWR Day page has all the information you need about applying to attempt a record on 8 November which we'd love to hear about on social media.

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